Case Studies

To improve your business efficiency, our team delivers cost-effective and customer-focused solutions founded on innovative thinking.

Case Study:  NAKApp Inventory System

A custom build online inventory system. This is one of the first Inteligent Inventory systems. It is able to predict what purchases are made and automatically invoices customers when the stock is available. Integrates with MYOB/Xero for financials.

25-05-2016 Nak Inventory_small

Case Study:  Stock Control App 

An Ipad/Android application that allows you to quickly retrieve part details (including stock quantities and location) directly from a barcode.

25-05-2016 Stock Control

Case Study: EzzyBills – for invoice automation 

A fully automated Invoice processing system for both Sales and Supplier Invoices. Works with both Xero and MYOB.

 25-05-2016 EzzyBills

Case Study:  Email Approval system

Approvers are sent emails which allows them to approve or reject invoices (or even forward to someone else), before they are uploaded into MYOB or XERO.

25-05-2016 Email Approval